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Classes for students who have completed the Introduction to Programming course.

Introduction to hacking and Internet security. Alongside to learning about the basic issues such as pentesting, hacking, hacking scripts and programs and types of attacks.

  • 14 meetings (once a week)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

  • Maximum number of students (10)

monthly payment S$227.00


one time payment (discount 40S$) S$870.00

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In this course, the student learns the secrets of hacking (keyloggers, attacks, password capture) in order to know how to protect themselves from it. He also learns techniques for building modern websites and creating interactive elements (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). He also shows CMS content management systems. Students create and publish their own website. Our online classes are NOT a webinar or a course like on Youtube! During our online classes each student will see the teacher's screen, hear what he or she is saying, and the teacher will have an insight into what the student is doing and saying (he or she will see each student's screen). Each student will be able to ask a question by voice, the teacher will be able to answer every question and indicate exactly where the error is and how to fix it.

Plan of the course

Introduction and basic concepts related to hacking. Cmd - basic commands. Batch files bat. Virus overload memory (aplication floader).
Social Enginering attack. Zip Bomb virus. Wiping.
Starting the virus in Invisible Mode. Viruses Folder Floading and File Floading.
DOS and DDOS attacks (carried out using cmd).
Creating so called Phishing attack - desktop application pretending to be another application (on the example of Tibia game). Quiz.
Creating websites: HTML.
Creating websites: JavaScript, CSS.
Creating so-called Phishing attack - a website application pretending to be a Facebook login page.
Anonymity in Internet, Deep Web, Proxy, VPN, Tor.
Cryptography and Cryptanalysis. Ciphers and hashes. Security of passwords and ways of breaking them. Quiz.
Virtual Box. Installation of Kali Linux and getting to know the Linux commands, Information Gathering - getting to know the tools used to perform reconnaissance.
Kali Linux - Password Cracking - tools for password cracking.
Kali Linux - DDOS attacks carried out with the help of tools provided by Kali Linux (Ettercap, Slowloris).
Creating Keylogger. Quiz.